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Random Achievements

Skilled Tactician 10
Acquire the machinegun nest in mission Shattered Hopes and kill 5 enemy soldiers with it.

In Mission Shattered Hopes when you get to the ruins and you encounter the enemy on the turret, kill him and get on the turret. The Militia will come from where you came from so just kill 5 enemies.

King of the Labyrinth 10
Kill Rodriguez in mission Morning Coffee.

This is story related and when you finish Mission Morning Coffee this will unlock.

Stealth Approach 30
Get to the gates without being detected in mission Alliances.

On Mission Alliance you must get to the gates in without being detected. Which means the Enemy Patrols cannot see you or shoot at you.

You must do this in RTS mode and you will need to save as much as possible and if you forget to save and you are detected you will need to restart the whole mission over which is annoying. Follow the path in front of you then on your first left hand turn take it. Just zoom all the way out and go the opposite way the enemy patrols are going.

The hardest part of this Mission is when you approach the tiny village.

On this part what you want to do is put both squads behind the hut on the right and make sure the enemy patrol coming down the hill cannot see you. On the right side of the house there is a little opening to the fence and when the enemy passes by that opening you want to move both squads to the right side of the house, and just wait for the patrol to get behind a house then run up the hill and to the gate. Just Remember to Save as much as possible.

Alliance 10
None of the escorting Brazilian soldiers die in mission Urban Nightmare.

In Mission Urban Nightmare you must reach the church without any of the Brazilians getting killed. Do this on rookie difficulty and run through the level eliminating all the Soldiers that get in your path. Use your RTS mode to see where enemies are camping out.

Kill the Source 5
Destroy all 3 enemy troop carriers in mission Ferry of Styx.

Play as Thor and destroy all 3 trucks with your rocket Launcher.

Tank Top 15
You used the tanker truck to eliminate the defenders at the square in mission Ferry of Styx.

After you destroy the last transport truck for the Achievement Kill the Source run straight behind where you destroyed the last transport truck. You will see a street going right where there are two machine gunners, look to the left and you will see a Fuel truck aimed in there direction. Go up to the Tanker and press when prompted to.

Elite Hunter 10
Kill 5 of the base’s elite defender soldiers in mission Revenge.

To tell the difference between a regular soldier and a Elite guard is the color of there uniform. The Elite guards have a black uniform on and above there heads it says Elite Soldier. Just kill five of these enemies.

Survivor 35
Complete mission Revenge without letting any of your squad members become incapacitated.

Play on Rookie difficulty and just go through the mission as if you were playing on Veteran. Use the save option before you enter combat and after you enter combat that way if you die you can restart from last save. Rookie difficulty is not hard at all and the enemy AI are pretty horrible.
Kill and Skill Achievements

Exotic Parts 30
Kill 20 enemy soldiers by explosions.

This can be grenades, explosive barrels, or an RPG. Just use Thor and
Living Thunderbolt 15
Successfully use the Flash grenade skill 10 times.

You must use Flashes skill weapon 10 times. Flash is on the Infiltrator squad. This Achievement is really glitchy so try to through 10 flashes in 1 mission and if it doesn't unlock don't worry just keep using the skill and it should unlock.

Clean Sweep 40
Complete any of the missions without using any skill ammo.

It does not matter which level it is just complete any mission without hitting the button. I would suggest playing on rookie since the skill weapons are not essential for your survival.

Bullet Magnet 0
One of your squad members has been incapacitated more than 11 times.

This can be easily unlocked while playing on Veteran Difficulty.

Superior Marksman 10
Deliver a headshot in FPS mode from over 75 meters.

There are a couple of spots to get this but the earliest spot to get this Achievement is in Mission Morning Coffee. After you clear the village and you approach a little ramp going upward the women over the radio will say something about the sniper in the tower. Switch to the Infiltrator squad and play as Shadow and take out his Sniper and move back as far as you can while still being able to see the sniper and aim at his head and shoot and if for some reason it doesn't unlock then reload checkpoint and try again.

Bounty Hunter 10
Deliver 50 lethal headshots.

You can use any squad member for this Achievement just get 50 head shots total in Single Player. You will definitely get this during normal progression of the Campaign.

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