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More Random Achievements

Reunion 5
Reunite the squads in mission Touchdown.

This Achievement is story related and will unlock once you blow up the barrier in between your two squads.

Merciless 5
Kill all fleeing enemies after you defended the village in the Prologue.

After you defend the village you will see around 3-5 guys running down the hill, simply kill them.

Cleaner 10
Kill all enemies at the plantation in mission Morning Coffee.

The plantation is the last part of the level so before you make your way to the star on your HUD kill all enemies around the plantation. They can all be seen by using RTS mode.

Safe SAM Stroll 20
Get to the SAM site without getting incapacitated after Point Alpha in mission Touchdown.

You will most likely not get this if you are playing on veteran so load the level on rookie and just play the level like you would on veteran slow and easy. When you get to the SAM site you have to destroy it and once you plant the bomb on it and you get the Achievement you can just quit out.

King of the Hill 5
Complete the village defense objective without leaving the village square in the Prologue.

After your training and you come across your first enemies to fight just stay here and kill all the enemies that rush you from all the different angles. Remember you cannot leave the village.

Amateur Archeologist 25
Complete mission Ruins of Amazonia without damaging the dig site.

I would suggest doing this Mission on Rookie and avoid using grenades because grenades will most likely damage the dig site. When you get to the last part of the level where you have to defend the civilians that are loading the truck put your Assault squad behind the yellow tractor and the Infiltration squad behind the wall to the right of the truck when looking directly at it. that way you won't have to worry about anyone damaging the dig site.

Bombastic 10
Blow up at least 5 vehicles in mission Wet Dusk.

Use Thor's rocket launcher and Palin's grenades to destroy 5 vehicles. Use RTS mode to look for the vehicles on the map. I believe there are about 6-7 vehicles so you don't need to destroy them all but just make sure you have 5 destroyed before finishing the level.

Perfect Soldier 35
The elite guards of Juarez can’t incapacitate any of your squad members in mission Boys Meet Girl.

You must beat the whole level without anyone of your squad members being incapacitated. When Juarez comes use Thor's rocket launcher and when you are out just assign both squads to shoot at him until his car blows and and when you have to kill him just run up with Thor and barrage him with your shotgun.

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