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Originally Posted by IceKingz View Post
Wow, after over a couple of years I picked the game back up. Working on S ranking Shadow's first then Silver followed by silver coins to 1k it. I'm shocked that so many people are saying it's THAT hard. My tip for anyone that's seriously struggling is watch the Youtube vids and copy. If you look at some of DarkSpinesSonic vids, he has a lot of helpful little glitches to speed things up. Basically what I find is that enemies are much more reliable than times and rings. If boxes are in your path of travel, go ahead and break as many as you can, sure they are small points but every point counts. If you watch a video first, you can see every tricky part and it will save you many many run throughs.

The only factor that seems to stop me after watching these videos are just your usual glitches. (I was at Kingdom Valley and Shadow homing attacked a switch but after that he stopped in midplace and fell to his death even after I hit A) Stuff like that...

Edit: Oh ya and as for hard mode not much really changes except for a few different obstacles in the way and more enemies which spells out more points. Just watch the regular videos and be a little cautious for new traps.

Edit 2: Alright a day later and I have S ranked all of Shadows stuff besides town missions and I have 3 more full levels (both medium and hard) for Silver. After that and Shadow's town missions I am done! Well I also need Silver Medals but with guides that's easy. Just a tip guys, to S rank a level, kill enemies and don't die. I promise that's all it truly takes. For Silver, his Jungle level is the only one that's kind of tight on points if you don't know where to go. If you watch on Youtube it's easier. Besides that I've S ranked everything first try. Just be careful but kill enemies fast.
i agree.
the game isnt that hard. it does require patience and skill however. i only just started working towards the sran k achievements for sonic and i already have the first 3 levels done on both normal and hard.

the whol time i focused on killing everylast enemy i cam across (on white acroplys its best to LET the sear ch lights find you so u have more enemies to kill for more points) and other than that dont die and end the game with the most rings u can. rings dont matter a whole lot if u kill enough enemies but it will help alot in the long run especially if u fall short with enemies.

but enemies are the big focus of nearly all the s ranks.

my only issue right now is crisis city. i'll have it perfect up to the part with the speed run, all of a sudden those cars just land on me no matter what i do. im still working on that part.

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