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Easy way to get XP.

Hello, this is my first post on this site, and I wanted to do something useful with it, so here it is. It is also my first guide for any kind of game, so please, be gentle. This is the method I used to get to level 50, it is repetitive, but it works very well, so my advice is to mute your tv and listen to your iPod or something.

Ok, start the game on Insane and work your way to the room where you see Claire being beaten up on camera and pick up the pistol, shoot the turret and then enter the secret room (unlocked by collecting all the gold bars, if you have done) and grab the Pulse Rifle. I know other people have said it is better to use a machine gun, but I found it easier using the Pulse rifle. Head back down the vent and grab the health upgrade, you'll need it, and proceed through the game, melee as many soldiers as you can. When you get to the first spider robot, take it out and it will give you a small but good amount of XP, but this is not the best bit. Continue to work your way through the game, past seeing Claire taken away in the helicopter and across the lake, and down into the next section of the base.
Here is the good bit.
When you enter the room via the vent, and hear the three guards moaning about the drills and that there is an intruder, wait until they are all together and then attack them by melee, take out one after the other until you have a X5 bonus, and then quickly get up the ladder to the objective, where you pick up the MP5. When the cut scene has finished, you will get a big jump of XP thanks to that bonus from meleeing the soldiers. Get to the save room, save, start a new game, and repeat process. Like I said before, it may seem boring, but it worked for me.

Any chance of this being a Stickey?
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