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I used your method and it works good.I would like to add a couple of things. After the golden gun room there is a room with two enemies on the floor level and one on a platform above.The next room past this has a ladder which leads to a save room.Save then reload save.Go back out of save room and you will see vent up on left wall.Shoot vent and go through. You will drop down into the last room but on top platform. Jump to right and melee enemy and then drop down and melee the other two. You will have 5x multiplier.To your right will be a floor vent you can shoot.Drop down and grab the passkey.With the 5x it gives you quite a bit of experience. I did this every time on my way through when I used your method to level up even faster.Also right before the first spider boss there is a health canister on the floor. I always jumped over it and through the next door is an enemy. Melee him for 3x and then go back to get canister for extra xp. Hope this helps.
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