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Improvement suggestions serious only

Please make serious suggestions to improve the game. here are some of mine

So Lips #1 hits has issues lets agree. The gave us 1 fix pretty quick so thank you. It sold 90% of the DLC issues please fix the rest quickly. Instead of the usual this sucks thread lets make our suggestions to improve the game because LIPS was good, LIPS #1 Hits better but some serious suggestions to improve the experience.
1.) Fix all DLC to work ASAP
2.) Give us Disc Swapping for a one time fee between 400- 800 MS points we will happily pay you twice for the same material whatever.
3.) Make the friends online a better experience, easier, rooms to enter contests, battles etc
4.) Give us more than 250 Gamerscore for 50$ Are you serious.
5.) Next game better be 1000 achievements points or 20$ or I will stick to DLC if you keep me as a buying customer
6.) More DLC for parties and family's. Where are classics and the downloads we want and will PAY for easily and happily.
7.) More Awards since you cant up the achievments points.
8.) Where is the DLC discounts with gold accounts or everyone.
9.) make files smaller we all dont have 120 GIGs ya know
10.) Give Xmas music cheaper and free and all holiday music for familes to play to gether
11.) Better menus and stats
12.) Speed it up why so slow to load songs and friends lists,
13.) You know what we want we have told you.

Please comment and add improvements be serious though no bashing lets try and get them to listen

It's all About FUN

Always looking for new friends and enjoy boosting as well!
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