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Originally Posted by ncczjx611 View Post
Now I have got all the decals but i still can't get the final upgrade and the relative achievement. I have stuck in the mini-game-in Episode2 (hitting the Bagpipe ) for 2days I want to know should i beat the gold level in order to get the achievement? Any other alternatives? thanks
You need to get GOLD in all 4 mini-games to get the upgrades. Once you have all 4 go back to WHAT'S NEW, BEELEZUB? to get the 5th, and final, upgrade (achievement unlocked). B.O.U. is the hardest mini-game made even harder by the fact you cannot control the DeSoto while shooting objects, like you can on the PC version! Dang you to hell, TellTale!

There is no other way to do this; other than GAMESAVING of course... and we wouldn't want to do that now, would we? No, no, no matron!

Originally Posted by fat_tony View Post
None of the stuff for the bonus decals seems to load up in my game. The first mini-game took about half an hour after I'd hit all the other items for the blimp to appear and now on the bagpipe game the safe, kitchen sink and tyre just don't show up. The sink was there a while ago but now wont appear, even though I definitely didn't hit it!
This is so annoying!!!
As annoying as the INSULT SWORDFIGHTING last few insults?
Just keep at it and they will eventually appear. Make sure SAM is always shooting, even during the COPS dialogue between games. Be careful when mashing [B] to skip dialogue, as this causes SAM to sit back down! Bad choice of button there, methinks!

I had to play through that mini-game 5 times while confirming the achievement and it didn't get any easier or less annoying. I have less hair on my head to prove it!

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