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Unhappy major situation on my hands...

aight guys here's the deal, i was doing BAL (build a label) on hard from begining to end, but somewhere about half way thru i went back to the main menu and did a couple of secret achiev's. All good so far, but since i was still having MAJOR pains on 'hard' i changed it to 'easy' and did the achiev's (this was before i read this post and started KILLING it on 'hard'). well that was all yesterday i came back today and starting doing BAL again, did 2 or 3 fights and was like "wow this seems REALLY easy...." finished the fight i was in and checked the difficulty, and sure enough it was still on 'easy' cuz i forgot to change it. so i changed it to 'hard' and hoped for the best as i went and finished out BAL. beat Wheatly x2 and no achiev . So know i know u can't miss ANY fights on 'hard', but here's my real Q: do i have to go back and do EVERY fight again on 'hard' or JUST those few fights i did on 'easy'?? big big thx guys.

ps-i'm looking to trade wins for achiev's too, hit me up.
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