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I got this game a while ago, and today I tried to unlock my first achievements for this game. I did everything the descriptions said to do to get the achievements 'Flawless', 'Pterodactyl' and 'Wave 5', nonetheless I didn't get any achievement. Do I first have to do something before I can unlock any achievements, or what am I doing wrong? I'm quite mad about this, because I don't understand why. I got the 'Flawless' achievement like 8 times (its so damn simple) and I still didn't unlock it. That's ultimate frustration:P. So... can anyone help plz? And how can you play an xbox live game? If I choose that option, I can only choose a profile to sign in, nothing more. I can only play the arcade game and VS game. Please help!

P.S. I'm using the default settings, at least that is what my 'setting' says, I pressed several times the x-button to make sure, so that's not it. However I start with 5 lives, is that normal?
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