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Update March 2016:
For anyone reading:

With aegis wing now backwards compatible, I've returned to helping people out with it. I've started making 3 sessions on Saturdays on One at 11am, one at 2pm and a last one at 5pm Eastern Time. I'll usually make those sessions on Thursday or Friday night before said Saturday, as to make sure I'll be available.

Those sessions are for anyone and everyone, and I can guarantee that anyone that joins will have the game completed by the end of it, assuming there's no connection issue.
With that being said, I may stop taking individual requests, and simply go with sessions, which are easier to manage for me.

Along with the 3 weekly sessions, I may or may not make other sessions in the middle of the week.
I'll also join any aegis wing session that is within my schedule that people will make.

You can try messaging me, I may happen to be in the mood, but most likely not. If you really want the help, you should consider joining my sessions, as that's a certain way to receive it.

PS: If you've read somewhere about sending a friend request to my second account, please disregard, as I no longer even have that account.
Helping with Aegis Wing since summer 2009.

To get my help, please join one of my 3 weekly sessions for the game on

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