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Originally Posted by SoleAssassin View Post
How long will it take to pass the game?

How hard is hard, chaos and hell mode? Is it frustrating?
I posted about this in another thread. Here is the full post in case it helps with any of your questions =). If not, post again and I'll do my best to answer further.

Originally Posted by Plaguewielder View Post
If you're planning on trying to 1000 this, you're in for some frustration.

I personally did not find hard mode to be overly difficult but that was because I had been so used to chaos and hell difficulties (this was one of my earliest 1000s and remains one of my favourite games, no matter what people say).

Since the difficulties don't stack, start on easy first so that you'll be able to get all the upgrades by the time you reach the higher difficulties. The fact that it requires multiple playthroughs makes it time-consuming, even though the game is quite short.

Make sure you're of course maxed out by the time you attempt chaos or hell, assuming you're still playing it by that point, and you'll automatically have a better chance of coping with those difficulties, though what you'll really need for them is patience.

People are really harsh towards this game but I personally really enjoyed it, and still do. Good luck.
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