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Okay so I've gone through the game several times and this is the last achievement I have to get (getting all the chests). Now, I'm pretty sure I've gotten all the chests up to Fallen City/City in Flames. If I recall chests 49/50 are at the savepoint in the hallway before the boss correct?

During my playthrough I didn't see 49/50 at that spot, and I seem to remember seeing it once upon a time. Is there a possibility these chests don't appear, and if so does anyone know the condition to get them to appear? I'd rather not like to go through the game solely for the chests, which is why I saved at the savepoint on the balcony before this point just to make sure.

Thanks in advance.


Didn't lurk enough, apparantly those two chests require you to save the villagers outside prior to entering the hallway. I'm going to try that and then see what happens.

Prefer PMs to XBL Messages, thanks.

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