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*SPOILERS* Achievement Walkthrough *SPOILERS *

-- Foreword:

This walkthrough assumes that the player knows how to move the character around the locations and manipulate the various items required to complete each task (ie you've completed the training section without resorting to a walkthrough!). The numbers in brackets are to show you how near you are to gaining an achievement and is something I've made up myself to keep track of the more annoying ones! I have decided to keep the convention for this, and subsequent, episodes!

This is not a definitive solution, some of the puzzles can be completed in a different order and some can be completed in a completely different way. I have listed each interaction exactly how it is displayed at the top-right of the screen. If you see something different in this action description, then you're doing it wrong! I can't be held accountable for the results! This walkthrough is set-out exactly how did it, it does work! HONEST!

If you follow this walkthrough as it is you will get all 12 achievements in the correct order, however you will have experienced about 60% of the game and well under 50% of the conversations. You might want to play the game through on your own before consulting this walkthrough if you want to experience more of the game (and get a proper sense of achievement by solving the puzzles yourself). For the rest of you... here we go once more, into the 200GP breach dear friends!

NOTE: In practice, it is recommended that you print out this walkthrough & cross off each action as, and when, you complete it. Make sure you SAVE often and in different slots incase you make a drastic mistake; this walkthrough does not cater for every eventuality, or mistake, and, because of this, you may be left in a situation where you have no idea what the hell to do next! Please, don't come crying to me if that happens!

(And yes, I did just copy/paste this FOREWORD from the first 2 episodes and added a few little bits to make it look different!)
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