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-- Chapter 3 - Saving Private Gromit! (Gromit & Wallace)

- Task 1 - The Grand Escape (Gromit)
Fire starter pistol at Filcher.
Use mug. (On the floor, near the cage door. You need to do this while Filcher is still unconscious; if he gets up, shoot at him again)
Fire starter pistol at Filcher.
Obtain golden key.
Use golden key with cage door.
Examine Preston's dog food. (On the crate infront of Gromit) (Memory Lane 1/1)
Climb ladder. (To the left of Gromit)
Use bird seed with security chicken. (Walk forward to the plank until the camera angle changes)
Climb ladder. (To the right, back down to the ground floor)
Take fortune cookie. (Under the security chicken, to the left)
Pick up spanner. (When the camera angle changes, you'll see it to the left of Twitch's cage)
Pick up grease. (To the right of Twitch's cage, on a crate)
Use spanner with loose dirt. (To the left, infront of the exit door)
Use fortune cookie with Twitch.
Take fortune cookie.
Use fortune cookie with loose dirt.
Pick up spanner.
Climb ladder. (To the first floor)
Climb ladder. (To the second floor. The ladder is to the left of the security chicken)
Use spanner with vent to outside.
Use grease with Twitch. (Wallaceism 2/4)

- Task 2 - Rescue Gromit! (Wallace)
Try Muzzmerelda's Fortune Cookies.
Try Muzzmerelda's Fortune Cookies. (You will get the "Your hair could be mistaken for pirate's gold" fortune)
Walk to the right. (When you get to the pie eating contest, you will get a brief conversation)
Use "hair" fortune with Paneer. (He's on the stage, behind the podium) (Home Wrecker 1/1)
Use "duty" fortune with Paneer.
Walk to town.
Get balloon.
Look in dustbin. (Wallaceism 3/4) (Mmm... Cheese! 1/1)
Walk to fair.
Take large stack of pie tins. (Next to the pie-eating contest table, left of Edwina Gabberley)
Use large stack of pie tins with Edwina's discarded pie tins. (On the pie-eating contest table, left of Edwina Gabberley)
Use balloon with Crum. (He's infront of the Muzzler ride) (The Gait Escape 1/1)

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