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- Chapter 4 - Get Monty Muzzle! (Gromit)

- Task 1 - Slowing Muzzle's Blimp
Climb through sunroof. (Above Gromit)
Use gumball with hatch.
Climb through sunroof.
Look closer at controls. (Left of Gromit, on the dashboard)
Churn scanned flavour. (Left red button, with 'CHURN' written above it)
Scoop icecream. (The lever to the left. Click on the base of the lever)

- Task 2 - Losing Extra Weight
Climb through sunroof.
Remove repainted Infiniflavour crank.
Climb through sunroof.
Use repainted Infiniflavour crank with tyre.

- Task 3 - Rescuing Twitch
Use bird seed with Monty Muzzle.
Look closer at controls.
Extend serving arm. (The right red button, with 'SERVE' written above it)

- Task 4 - Freefall!
Get broken Infiniflavour arm. (Left of Gromit)
Use broken Infiniflavour arm with bag of money. (Above Gromit)
Use bag of money with giant tie propellor. (Left of Gromit)
Interact with Wallace. (You will need to select Wallace with the D-PAD rather than the THUMBSTICK. Alternatively, you could interact with him after getting the 'air tank'; just be careful that you select Wallace first if you do, as selecting the 'Inflatable moustache' ends the Episode and you would miss the 'Wallaceism' achievement!) (Wallaceism 4/4)
Recover air tank. (Floating behind Gromit)
Use Inflatable moustache. (Up Up & Away! 1/1)

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