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Originally Posted by jphni12 View Post
How do you close the 2 doors before triggering the arena? This bit is annoyin as hell
im also having problems with this bit, and looked up how to close the 2 doors before triggering the arena...and found this:
The Rogue"So here was my strategy to get past this nightmare. Before triggering the cut scene you are in a small room looking into the big room. From this room, you can close two doors before the cut scene starts. You can close the door immediately in front of you at the top of the stairs by shooting just above the railing. You have to hold the left trigger while you shoot. Just hold down the right trigger as it takes about 28 pistol bullets to close the door. You will know you are on target when the flames on the skull start to die down. You can also shoot the door on the ground floor to the left of the first door we just closed. You have to move Rubi around a bit to get the bullets to pass between the two posts. Look for splinters flying from the door frame or posts. If you see them, that means your bullets aren't getting to the target. Adjust as needed to take out the door. I also cleared the ice on the left of the entry so I could see all the enemies on the left immediately after the cut scene.

After the cut scene, run to the left and kill several guys coming out of the last door open on the ground floor. With two doors closed already, the guys will be pouring out of this door. Get your headshots and build your multiplier to get your health back. Watch your back from the guys in the upper hallway. Clear the area quickly and run up the wall and back jump into the upper hallway. Take out the one or two guys here. Ignore the door and move over to the other end of the platform and shoot the last ground floor door to shut it. Now move to the other end of the hallway and close the last door. Do it quick as the chaingun guy on the ground floor can shoot through the chainlink fence here.

You will get the message that you have to clear the remaining enemies. Move back to the other end of the platform and drop down to kill all remaining guys and chaingun guy to finish the arena. I picked up zero multipliers with this strategy, but still ended up with 3 bars of health left.

Just another way to get past this for those, like me, that didn't upgrade properly or enough in the early levels. I am so glad to be past this now. "


i haven't tried it yet (its 12:30 at night, going to sleep in a moment) but Im sure it will work.
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