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07. Chateau
Weapon of Choice: BAR
Mission Difficulty: 2/5
This mission is very close quarters, so be careful around inside the Chateau and watch your corners. At the start of the mission, switch your BAR to single shot and work your way up beside the rock and trees and pop the MG gunner. The BAR is like god in this mission; it’s so easy to use and it kills enemies in the blink of an eye. There isn’t much to warn of in this mission, other than just being careful in general. Capt. Foley and Sgt. Moody pretty much leave you to do the mission yourself and leave you a guy or two to use. At the first large open room, the one with the orange floor, there will be two guys that burst through the door and two in the balcony to your right. At the second large room, guys will burst through the door above you in front of you and some will be running from your left. I camp inside the white rooms and zoom them out with my BAR. When Capt. Foley and Moody blow the gate in the cellar, watch out, there will be an MG gunner and an extra man inside, be ready with your BAR. After that, I pretty much just spray with my Thompson or continue to use the BAR.

08. POW Camp
Weapon of Choice: Springfield, Thompson
Mission Difficulty: 4/5
This mission is one of the hardest, simply because you are timed. Take your Springfield and head around to the right side to the rocks and snipe out the guards. Once you snipe the first one, the ten minute timer will begin. At this point you will need to make good time. Do this by working your way up into and around cover and letting your teammates do some of the work. Move around the back of the buildings at the start and snipe out the guys if you’re good at sniping, if not, use the Thompson and spray. Guys will burst out of doors occasionally, so be ready to spray them down with the Thompson. Once you make it to the jail cells, the tower to the left will have a rifleman in it, watch out for him. Work your way back the same way you got there, snipe out who you can and spray everyone else and take the long way to avoid getting shot. Once you hit the truck the timer will stop, so if you’re low on time, run around the buildings and skip fighting and touch the truck.

09. Pegasus Night
Weapon of Choice: Bren LMG
Mission Difficulty: 4/5
This mission is kind of tough, but not as tough as the next one. At the start, run over to your left and jump behind the green boxes. Your guys will push forward by themselves as long as you keep killing the MG guys, they’re pretty much infinitely respawning until someone moves up to the bunker, whether it be you or your allies. Once the area is clear, you’ll be told to go across the bridge. I would sit back and take out some guys before you decide to go across. Once it’s clear enough for you, go ahead, but hurry and rush over to the house on the left side, as a tank will come from the end of the road. Capt. Price will tell you to get the allied soldier to fix the Flak 88. After he tells you, there will be a small group of guys that spawn behind you, so be ready for them. Run and go prone behind the green car, then run and go prone behind the small wall, then crouch walk towards Pvt. Mills. Get him to go to it, and once you do, here’s where things can get tricky. Crouch walk back to that small wall, then run to the sandbags in the road. Now crawl towards the railing on the left side of the bridge, if you're facing the Flak gun. Keep crawling and crawl behind the railing, the tank can't hit you here. Once you get across, go prone behind the sand bags until he fixes it, then hop on and take it out. Once the tank is out of commission, you just need to help mop up some guys, I had about fifteen left to take out.

10. Pegasus Day
Weapon of Choice: Bren LMG, Panzerfausts
Mission Difficulty: 5/5
This mission blows, one of the hardest, no doubt. At the start you will have to defend the North bank. Use a combination of the mounted MG in the bridge booth and your Bren. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have to cover them as they come back across. Use the same things to cover them. After they’re back over, you’ll have to take out seven tanks one by one. Don’t worry you can camp and not have to destroy a single tank. Hide out in the little guard post, go prone and face the doorway. Once the timer stops, you’ll need to eliminate the rest of the enemies and regroup with Capt. Price. Congrats, you just beat one of the hardest missions in the game, very easily.

11. Dam
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Kar98, MP40 or Sten
Mission Difficulty: 5/5
This mission is pretty hard, mostly because you’re all alone. At the start, work your way around to the left. Snipe out everyone along the dam. Work your way down planting bombs on the AA guns as you do so. Near the end there’s an MG gunner. After you plant the last bomb, there will be a door that opens behind you and a guy will come out. Inside of the dam, just watch your corners like in Chateau. For the most part inside, I just spray with the Sten and then grab the MP40s lying around and spray with them. When you reach the room overlooking the turbine room, take the right path and not the one that you're facing when you enter. The right path is so much easier. After you’ve planted the last two charges, you have to go back up to the top of the dam where you entered. There are a few more enemies that have spawned inside, so be careful. Don’t think the whole dam is clear now. The first elevator you ride coming back up, if you’re facing the wall inside the elevator, this is where the enemies on the next level will be. I’ve been killed by them numerous times because I was facing the wrong way. Once you get to the top, get in Price’s truck and face the back. Let him do the driving and you sit back and kill anyone that doesn’t get ran over.

Here's a checkpoint guide by Muckrak3r: GUIDE LINK

12. Truck Ride
Weapon of Choice: Bren LMG, Panzerfausts
Mission Difficulty: 4/5
This mission can be a little tricky as well, it’s very similar to Car Ride, but this time you have Panzersfausts! Yay! Now, the best way to use the panzers is to lead your shots a little bit and use them on trucks. You’ll end up using a few on some Kübelwagens but not many, and NEVER use one on a motorcycle. Spray those with your Bren, you can also use the Bren on the Kübelwagens but use a panzer if you’ve got it. Try not to miss ANY, panzers are very useful, and you need to use them quick. At the bridge part, snipe the enemies closest to you first. If they cross the bridge you fail the mission. When you encounter the second group of two trucks, that’s the end of the mission.

13. Airfield
Weapon of Choice: Bren LMG
Mission Difficulty: 5/5
This mission follows right after the last. This is possibly the second hardest mission because of the ending. You have to shoot down incoming planes WHILE you’re being shot at from above. This mission is a lot like CoD2’s mission in El Alamein where you have to do the same exact thing. In this mission, the beginning is pretty tough as well. Kill the soldiers in the trucks that have Panzers because they can kill you if you don’t kill them first. Once you reach the AA gun, be prepared for a hell storm. The best strategy I can give you is to take out the guys above you to your left on the roof, then take out the Stukas flying in, then get back off the AA gun, take out more guys on the roof, then back again to the AA gun. Repeat this process as that’s how it works. The sandbags provide good cover from the guys above, use this when you’re not on the AA gun. Make sure all the enemies are dead above you on the roof before you get on the AA gun. If you lose health near the end, that’s fine as the ending is as soon as you get back in the truck and drive over to the plane. Whew.

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