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14. Ship
Weapon of Choice: MP40, Kar98
Mission Difficulty: 4/5
This mission is a little tough as well. Follow Capt. Price all the way to the armory, as long as it takes, when you finally get there, grab all the MP40s and Kar98s (for ammo) and the explosives. The engine corridors are the second hardest part in this mission. Use the doorways as cover and move up and then use those pipes to your left for cover. The riflemen here can really take you down, so be careful around these spots. Anywhere else inside the battleship, spray with the MP40. When you exit that hangar that you used to enter, be very careful here, as this is the hardest part. There are SMG guys to your left and right, they either sit on the sides, or rush you. There are also riflemen above you, I mean way above. Take out as many as you can from inside, then run for it. Run for the doors that are lit up on either side. You’re safe from the riflemen here, but SMG guys may still be around. The rest is simple, just spray with your MP40 and use your Kar98 when applicable. When you reach the boat, that’s the end, but watch out though, I died as the level was ending from a guy who came up to the boat staircase.

Here's a checkpoint guide by Muckrak3r: GUIDE LINK

15. Stalingrad
Weapon of Choice: 5 bullets you don’t get to use
Mission Difficulty: 2/5
Anyone who’s seen Enemy at the Gates will recognize this mission. Now, this mission is mostly scripted out for you, so you don’t have to fight anyone directly. While you’re in the boat, stay crouched so the Stukas don’t hurt you or kill you, you’ll need all your health to get up the hill alive. To start off, grab your five bullets you can’t use, and work your way up the hill. Avoid the MG fire by using cover, you know how it goes. When you reach the top, you’ll see a sniper guy behind a destroyed wall, run over to this guy, its ok if you loose all your health except a little sliver, you won’t need it anymore. He’ll have you be the bait for the MG gunners as he snipes them, twice. Once that’s over, he’ll ask you to run downhill into a destroyed building and almost get killed by a Commissar. Don’t worry, he’ll team kill him for you. After that, a radio guy will call in an artillery barrage at the top of the hill and then all you have to do is enjoy the fireworks. There’s some amazing visual work in this mission I’ll tell you that. After the artillery barrage, head left and follow your comrades through the building to end this short and sweet mission.

16. Red Square
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Mosin-Nagant, PPSH
Mission Difficulty: 3/5
This mission is a little bit of luck too, not getting shot by the stupid MGs. Never fear, there’s a way to avoid them. At the start, you have to be really careful with your health. Run and go prone at the little hill made of debris to your right at the start. Pick up a rifle if you can and make your way from cover to cover. Use the giant obelisk type statue as cover, then go prone and crawl around inside the fountain area towards the guy that’s waving at you. Once he tells you to find a way around, run and jump and go prone to your right and a hole will blow through the wall. Be ready here with your rifle and kill the guys inside. Move up and grab an MP40 and spray your way through this area. At the end of the hall, trade your MP40 with the PPSH. Continue up the stairs and to the windows on the top floor. Switch your Mosin-Nagant for the scoped one. Take the officers below; there are two in the trenches and two by the big columns. Kill everyone else and go back out the way you came. Wait for the tanks to get blown up and then go through the underground passage. When you come out from here, to your right there will be two snipers. One is in the tower and another in the top right window of the building to the left of the tower. Take them out and continue on. The rest of this level is going through the destroyed buildings, watch your corners and scope out guys with your rifle and you’re done when you walk up to the doors at the train station.

17. Train Station
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Mosin-Nagant, PPSH
Mission Difficulty: 3/5
This level for the most part is easy. At the start, get out your PPSH and run up the left stairs and mow down the guys up there. Switch back to your sniper and slowly take out the guys that are around corners. When you get to the windows with the MGs, take out the MG gunner first in the far back building window. Snipe out all the rest of the guys. Jump down and walk a little bit down the walkway and four guys will spawn on the wall to your right. Two from the left and two from your side. Kill them and jump down into the rail yard. Walk around the far right side to make guys spawn and come out of the door behind the trains. Snipe them from underneath the train cars to avoid direct contact. Go up the stairs they came down from and kill another set of four guys that spawn on the wall to your left. Walk down the walkway and be ready for a group of guys to come around the corner. Continue on through the level and when you get to the big area with the trench type walkway in the ground, take this area slow and snipe out guys, when it’s safe, move up to the far left wall and kill the rest. Go around the corner and there’ll be another group of guys and an MG gunner. You’ll come to another big area, this time all the enemies are on your side. Snipe them out and go around the statue to finish the level.

18. Sewer
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Mosin-Nagant, PPSH
Mission Difficulty: 3/5
This mission is a little tricky, but with your riffle you can handle it, unless your sniping sucks. There isn’t much to say about how to do this mission; it’s really up to you. Do it like you did Chateau. At the first big opening, there will be a couple guys in the passageway above you and a couple in front. At the second, there will be four snipers. Two are in white and are on the balconies directly above. The other two are in dark green and they are to your left and right on buildings. At the part where there are pieces of wood and there’s water everywhere, walk up and when you hear the German guy say something about you, there will be two guys that come from the far end and two on the walkways to your left and right. Be careful here, this part may take a couple tries. At the last opening, the one where all that destroyed rubble is in your way, there are about six guys or so in the building, so peek out and snipe each one before you go running out there, you can see your comrades unfortunately make that mistake. Once you kill them, run up and into the building to finish the mission.

19. Pavlov
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Mosin-Nagant, MP40
Mission Difficulty: 5/5
This mission is a little hard, and by a little, I mean very. You have to defend this building and take out these tanks with these anti-tank rifles. If you’re out of Mosin ammo, or close, you’re in luck. There’s another one at the end of the little trench. Provide cover fire for that idiot as he runs right out there, the enemy snipers will be in random balconies, windows, whatever. When you get up to the wall, this part gets a little tough. The way I did it was approach the wall and go to the far left where it’s still intact and go around it that way. Snipe out all the guys that are on the destroyed side and then when it’s clear, run out and over to the little wall by the building to your left if you’re facing the main building. There will be a guy that comes from the top floor and the second floor at this point. Once you’ve killed them, and this side of the building is clear, move up and into the first floor. Work in and around the first floor to clear out the building. Clear it out VERY slowly with an automatic. Peer up through floors to see enemies up there, you can get shot like this as well. Meet up with Pavlov, as soon as he’s done talking, the first tank will show up, so get him to start talking, and immediately go down to the gun on the second floor. If you don’t take it out fast enough, it will shoot a shell at you. Destroy the two indicated by the mission objectives, then go down the hallway and drop down to the ground. Go to that same little wall mentioned before and go prone behind it. Stay here the entire time and nobody will find you. When the counter is at two minutes, you'll get a checkpoint. Once the timer stops, just let your allies kill everything left and then go out. Congrats, you just beat the hardest mission in my opinion. Whew times two.

20. Factory
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Mosin-Nagant, PPSH
Mission Difficulty: 3/5
This mission is a bit of a break from the tough missions, thank god. Luckily, the hard missions are over. This mission is pretty simple. Just use your Mosin wisely and snipe out everyone and use your PPSH to spray when you feel it to be necessary. Not much to warn of here or give pointers on, just take it slow and kill everyone. Make good use of cover and make any teammates you have do the work.

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