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21. Railyard
Weapon of Choice: Any rifle, any machinegun
Mission Difficulty: 3/5
This mission follows right after Factory. From the start, go prone and snipe anyone you see under the train cars. Once you have done that, go out and to your left. Work your way around the rail yard, sniping anyone at the same time. Move up to the MG placement and spray with your PPSH. Mop up anyone around the train cars, and then move up. Grab a panzer and camp by the wall, snipe out the MG gunner first, then poke out and blow away the tank as it comes out from the garage. Pick up your other weapon and carry on towards the garage. By now you should be out of Mosin and PPSH ammo (about time!), so switch them for a Kar98 or MP40 combination, whatever, does not matter much. In the garage, be careful as there are a lot of guys in here and they’re all camping like noobs. Take them out slowly one by one then move through the garage carefully. Proceed through the rooms and exit the garage, kill all the guys around this area, mission complete.

22. Tank Drive Country
Weapon of Choice: The T-34! Duh!
Mission Difficulty: 2/5
Note: For the tank, you can take three hits before exploding.
This mission is pretty simple, as well as short. Just stay back, take your shots when you have one, let your allied tanks do most of the work. There isn’t any wind or shot fall in this game, so you don’t have to worry about leading shots or anything. Just shoot the enemy tanks when they stop moving. It usually takes one or two shots to kill them. That’s pretty much it for this mission, other than to watch out for the foot soldiers behind rocks, they have panzerfausts. To kill them, just shoot the ground behind the rocks. Piece of cake.

23. Tank Drive Town
Weapon of Choice: The T-34, again.
Mission Difficulty: 2/5
This one isn’t much harder, it’s shorter even. Do the same as the last mission and take it slow and steady. You’re not timed, and if your allied tanks die, that’s perfectly fine. After the enemy tanks drives over the destroyed wall, there will be a panzerfaust soldier in the destroyed building on the top floor in front of you. A little while after that, there will be a group of soldiers that run out from a building to your left. Then another panzerfaust guy on the ground around that corner, and two more in buildings later on.

24. Hurtgen
Weapon of Choice: M1 Garand, Thompson
Mission Difficulty: 3/5
Wahoo! You’re on the third to last mission, and these last three missions are easier than most of the whole game. This mission resumes with the Americans in Hurtgen forest. At the start, follow your squad mates and when you get to the decline that leads into like a canal type thing, crouch and walk up to the hill to the left of it and take out the guys near the guard post area. Move up and go to the first bunker. Spray everyone with your Thompson inside and grab the documents. Take the left flank when moving up to the second bunker. There will be a group of guys down in the river basin, so be prepared for them. Work your way around the back of the bunker and do the same as you did with the first one, go in and spray with your Thompson. Before you grab the documents, pick up a panzer. Then grab the documents, run out and up the hill, and over to the boxes behind the Flak gun. DO NOT use the Flak gun; you’ll be an easy target. Use the panzer you picked up to take out the first tank. If it doesn’t work, grab the panzer sitting on the green crates beside the Flak gun. Run back down the hill and grab another inside the bunker if the first one didn’t work. If the first one DID work, grab the one on the green crates and use it, if it doesn’t work, go get another from the bunker. Mission complete.

25. Rocket
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Kar98, Sten
Mission Difficulty: 3/5
This mission is pretty cool as well, it’s a little long, but it’s still cool and easy-ish. Take it slow and snipe out everyone you see. When you get to the part where they ambush the convoy, watch out because the drivers will still be alive. A lot of the guys like to come out of nowhere, so watch out in general on hills and such. Sniping is key on this mission. Once you regroup with your squad, and you get to the MG bunker over the hill, go around the left side of the map and when you see the big tall bunker in the middle, snipe the two guys inside so they don’t mow you down. Once they’re dead, keep going around the left side of the map until you reach the bunker entrances. Take the one that is right below you when you walk over the bunker top. Work your way through the bunker with your Sten and find the fueling controls. To get there, go down into the bunker, go straight through to the next doorway that leads to a down ramp. Go down it, being cautious and killing enemies as you go, take the left path and the controls will be right there on the wall. Turn them on; go outside, plant charges on the three rockets, then escape. Watch out while you plant charges as guys in the opposite bunker can get you.

26. Berlin
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Mosin-Nagant, PPSH
Mission Difficulty: 2/5
The final mission. Oh joy. Don’t sweat it, it’s actually very easy, and very similar to Downfall in CoD:WaW, but without the hard-ness. To start off, snipe everyone you see and work your way up through the debris filled streets (there’s a lot of sniping involved in this game isn’t there?). Watch out for the MG gunners, they can really get you. When you get to the enemy tank, kill all the foot soldiers first, then run along the far left wall beside it and you can avoid getting shot by it. Destroy all the Flak guns and the tanks will push up and blow a hole through the wall to let you proceed. It’s ok if a tank gets destroyed by a panzerfaust. Move through the building and you’ll come outside to the beautiful Reichstag. Take cover by the destroyed tank and snipe off MG gunners to wait for the tanks, once they arrive, push forward (you won’t be getting shot at now) and work through the Reichstag. It’s a lot smaller inside than WaW’s is. Reach the roof and you’re done. Congrats on beating this game on Veteran.

IV. Conclusion
Well, it’s been a long road, and you’re finally at the end of it. You’ve successfully beaten the original Call of Duty for the XBLA on Veteran and you’ve secured your 30G achievement entitled War Hero. Good job, you deserve it.

V. Credits
Yea, umm, about the credits. This guide was written all by me using the PC version on Veteran as a reference, I have beaten it myself and the levels have the best strategies they possibly can, I think. I'll throw out a big thanks to IW for making such an awesome game and an awesome series. So yea. That’s it.
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