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Originally Posted by Ratsibaba View Post
... So basicly I just spent around 20-30 hours for nothing then. Have to redo the Whole F-ING GAME? UP YOURS ROCKSTAR THANKS ALOT
wow, its just a game. Take a deep breath and step back. I know how you feel. I spend 3 days trying to get 100%. You can still do errands. Thats what I did.

You also need 330 articles of clothing. It doesnt specify which ones you need. If you dont have the gold suit (elvis suit) make sure you go to each shop. Also there are 4 (I think) errands that give you an article of clothing. Try to get the ninja costumes as well.

P.S. What helped me keep from a) breaking this game b) throwing the controller or c) yelling at the wife when she gets on my nerves was I stepped away from the 360 for a few hours and smoked a few cigs and watched something that made me laugh. After a few hours I started the game back up and I didnt feel as fustrated as I did before. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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