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Think yourselves lucky. I have the PC version and I can't even get it to run properly. My system meets the specs save for 100 kHz processing power (2.3 Ghz dual core amd athlon x2, recccommended is 2.4 GHz), so I fail to see why it's been so bad.

Basically the game won't progress because it crashes at the end of the levels where I am supposed to be awarded the achievement. There is NO support from Midway. The PC game was released with zero fanfare (not even in the US), so I even think by release Midway was pretty much over it.

However, despite that and the framerate issues, I really don't see a game that I wouldn't enjoy for a good 4 or so hours of Nazi Killing fun. When the game was running smoothly for me I actually enjoyed it. It's easy, but if you're not paying much for it and it's an easy swag of achievements, why wouldn't I want to play it?

Sadly I can't get past level four on the PC. I was really looking forward to playing it through, despite the bugs.

Now, tell me, what is the framerate like on 360? I still wanna buy it for 360 but for no more than $15, I reckon.
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