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Originally Posted by Sparda View Post
Maybe this isn't common knowledge... but if you pause the game and go into DNA then go right past the storyline DNA clusters and look in the DNA slots you'll find feathers. Right away it'll tell you how many you collected in each city or area, but then if you hit A on the DNA strand it'll break down how many feathers you found in each DISTRICT of that city. Very helpful for the bigger cities like Florence.

This same principle works for replaying missions, any missions including the one that you get fly swatter on. You go into DNA, go to a specific strand, hit A on the mission you want. Then it'll say replay memory. All you need to do is hit A again and boom you are back in a mission.

I hope this helps everyone out in the long run with Achievements they thought they missed and with the feathers.

So once again I'd like to re iterate that Fly Swatter IS NOT MISSABLE.
Um i beat the game all the way through and when i go to the dna strand its not popping up as an option to replay missions so whats the deal with that?
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