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Originally Posted by rad fad View Post
This is probably a dumb question but is there a way to invite friends to a game?
A player match, yes. No if it is ranked, you will have to tell your friend the specific settings of the match, and have him search for it.

Originally Posted by Krafty92 View Post
is anyone cracking down on people who glitch serisously and if so what are the repercussions?
At this point, I very highly doubt it. If anything was being done, a GS reset would most likely occur.

Again, I'm 99.99% sure nothing is being done, considering how long the game has been out/how old the glitch is.

Originally Posted by SithFloor View Post
For the specific weapon achievements, if you melee kill someone does that count towards the total or does the kill have to be "weapon fired"?
Meleeing will not count as a kill. You have to actually kill them by shooting it. If they're down, also know that firing at an enemy very close will not count towards that weapon either, it will count as an "Execution".

So if you're playing Warzone, step back a bit and shoot them, you'll know it counted towards the weapon if that's how it shows up in the bottem left hand corner (Example: Gamer 1 *boom shot symbol* gamer 2). If you're playing Execution, you're best ber is to wait for them to get up, then shoot.
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