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Supressing Fire25 - Kill 20 enemies using blindfire. (Single Player)
When in cover simply hold the right trigger on its own and you will blindfire, on the easier difficulty's run right up to a piece of cover with an enemy behind and fire away. The accuracy with it is terrible as expected so make sure you are close!

Are These Guys For Real?30 - Kill 50 Spetznaz. (Single Player)

Spetznaz are the soldiers with balaclavas and/or helmets, they will burst out of a room or fast rope into your location, kill 50 of these and the achievement is yours. There is way more than 50 before the end of the game.

Health And Safety25 - Blow up 20 fire extinguishers. (Single Player)
These can be found on walls around the different levels, there is way more than 20 throughout the game. A quick way to get this is load up mission 7 *KATN* and work your way through the level. You should reach a room about half way which has 3 soldiers in it, one of which is bending down fixing a box on the wall. There are 5 fire extinguishers located in this room, proceed to shoot them all then reload the checkpoint and you should start just before the room.

Migraine Breaker50 - Kill 50 enemies with head shots. (Single Player)
Alot of the time you will get head shots without knowing, and you can just aim your shots, for a few easy headshots in each level, when you first start there will be guards unaware of you so just walk around poping them.

Another place, credit goes to ThingontheFloor

Originally Posted by ThingontheFloor View Post
For anyone else having trouble with this one as I was, try the very last mission, right before the end of the game when you set the third (and final) charge on the missile. A gate will open at the end of the room and 4 guys will start coming in, if you set the charge and quickly run and throw a grenade at the gate, it will blow them up before they get a chance to spread out. If you fail, just restart the checkpoint, clear the room, and try again. There are grenades in the room if you're out.
Gang-Bang35 - Kill a group of 4 enemies with a grenade. (Single Player)
In the first mission *SNAFU* you will come to a courtyard and after dealing with the enemies in there a group of 4 will break down the door. Time your throw correctly and you can get all 4 of them easily. This is also pretty easy to do throughout most of the missions but obviously this is the best place.

Dick Would Be Proud35 - Complete a mission without dying. (Single Player)
Play the first mission *SNAFU* on recruits and try to get as many kills with out alerting the guards, on the easiest difficulty this really should not be a problem, just take cover whenever you can to avoid death.

Military Budget30 - Kill 5 enemies with an assault rifle without reloading or changing weapons. (Single Player)
Head shots are the key! The best way is to find an area with 5 or more guards, take cover and try to pop out and just tap the trigger to not waste ammo. A place i did it was after the room i mentioned in *Health and Safety* there are walkways with lots of soldiers and lots of cover for you.

Come Get Some!20 - Kill 5 enemies with a shotgun without reloading or changing weapons. (Single Player)
Same as above, and you will be surprised how long the shotguns range is, just take your time. Only difference here is you have to kill a soldier with every shot as the shotgun only holds 5. For a bit more room for mistakes, use the spas 12 as it holds 8.

Ninja20 - Perform 3 Kill moves in a row. (Single Player)
Extremely easy to do in the first mission right at the start, just run up to a soldier and hit a, you will perform a kill move, repeat 2 more times.

Curb-Stomper20 - Perform 5 Finishing moves. (Single Player)
You firstly must make an enemy fall to the ground, they will still shoot you in a last stand position. Once you run up to them it will give you the option to do a "finishing move". The best way to drop an enemy into this position is with the ak74 (ak47) fire a few shots into their chest and they should fall.

Chop-shop20 - Destroy 10 vehicles. (Single Player)
To destroy a vehicle, shoot it several times and it will start to flame followed by an explosion. An easy place to do this is near the end of mission 6 *HUMINT* you will go into a sort of car park area with plenty of vehicles, stay near the back and just unload on them then restart from checkpoint and repeat untill you have it.
Over The Top5 - Throw an enemy over a ledge. (Single Player)
You will get many opportunity's to do this, the first is in the very first mission when you enter a building and upstairs there is a soldier next to a Dragunov. If you are quick run right up to him and press A, if he is near enough to the window you will throw him out.

Not The Face 5 - Smash an enemy's face into a wall. (Single Player)
Again, on the first level you will run into a small square outpost type building with a guard inside, he will be right next to the wall and when you press a to perform a kill move you should slam his face into the wall killing him.

Fresh Off The Boat 15 - Play online once. (Multiplayer)
Mode and whether its ranked do not affect this, just play any game online and complete it and you will unlock this.

THREATCON 25 - Place first in a Ranked Deathmatch game. (Multiplayer)
*MUST BE RANKED* Find a death match game and just do your best, the game is pretty terrible online and your best bet is you run around trying to hit people with kill moves, or just find a good spot and camp.


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