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Spec Warrior 15 - Kill 3 people in a row. (Multiplayer)
Can be ranked or player just kill 3 people in a row there is no time limit in between each kill so just take your time and try not to die. Should not be to hard.
SEAL Team Six 10 - Play a Team Deathmatch to completion with at least 3 friends on your team. (Multiplayer)
See *friendship is for suckers*

Smack The Rogue 25 - Come first in 10 Ranked Deathmatch games. (Multiplayer)
Just as the title says. Must be ranked, just find a good strategy and stick to it. They do not have to be consecutive just 10.
Friendship Is For Suckers 20 - Kill someone on your friends list. (Multiplayer)
You can do all the friend achievements in a custom game, just simply invite them to your game, do a kill move on them for 2 achievements. If you have 3 other friends simply play a custom game, any mode and complete it for another easy achievement.

Keep Your Friends Close ...20 - Perform a kill move on a friend. (Multiplayer)
see *friendship is for suckers
Decorated Veteran 20 - Play 50 games online. (Multiplayer)
Can be ranked or player, just play and complete 50 games of any game type. I suggest you work towards winning on each map whilst doing this.

From Beyond The Grave 20 - An enemy dies from your grenade … after you have been killed. (Multiplayer)
Basically whenever you see someone throw a grenade whilst they are shooting you and hope you die before it explodes and kills them, keep trying and it will eventually happen. Can also be done with a friend in a custom game.
POTUS 25 - Place first in a Ranked Team Deathmatch. (Multiplayer)
Same as *THREATCON* but must be Team Deathmatch, try your best and hope you get good team mates.

Special Warfare Group ONE 25 - Be on the winning team for 10 Team Deathmatch games. (Multiplayer)
Can be custom matches or ranked, just win 10 deathmatch games, nothing to it.

Host Me Up 5 - Host a custom game to completion. (Multiplayer)
Go to Multiplayer>Player Match>Create match. Use whatever settings you like and play it to the end.

Legion Of Merit 50 - Finish each map in 1st place. (Multiplayer)
There are 6 maps in total, it can be either Deathmatch or Team deathmatch and can be done in custom games. Maps are listed below

Harbour Masters
Depth charge

One Man Army 30 - Kill 200 enemies. (Multiplayer)
Will take some time, simply kill 200 enemies across all multiplayer modes, ranked or player. You can boost this with friends to make it go quicker. If you are doing it normally i would recommend deathmatch over team deathmatch

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