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K, sorry for sounding like a jerk, and this only applies to people who are 6th or later to post, but people, please don't just say "Hey I need halp getting multi chievoz" and expect people to message you and go after YOU to get the achievements. Try to message other people who have posted and check back frequently. Again, sorry for offending anyone, but it works a lot better when you put in just a little bit more effort.

I am willing to start a boosting group of 4-8 people for the multiplayer achievements. I will message all those who are above me to copy and paste the list below and add their names. ALSO, be on frequently, as we need to boost these ASAP

1) The Betrayer142

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Need to boost: Gears (PC and Xbox), Black Ops, Halo Wars, Rock Band 3, Army of Two, Halo: Reach,

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