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Originally Posted by manifest95 View Post
I was just going to post this myself, since I was going by what the guide said. It makes a world of a difference just hiding out in the bunker and actually aiming the Panzerfaust at the tanks instead of having to turn that big machine around. And your men usually watch your flank so you dont have to worry about someone running up behind you. Just watch when you go get more rockets though because the unlimited ammo is right outside the bunker and someone might be waiting for you to run out.
Oh I forgot to give me 2 cents on this.

I actually did almost nothing in this level, haha.

In the beginning when you cross the bridge to defend, I went prone at the sandbags and did nothing, my squad won that battle for me.

When he sends you back to the machine gun to cover their retreat, I went in that room and went prone, they made it back just fine.

When the timer started and the FIRST TANK showed up, I also did nothing! I did not kill a single tank, just remained prone in that little building with the mounted machine gun.

The timer ran out, the reinforcements showed up, still I did nothing. Eventually the game told me to regroup with Price.

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