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And oh yeah, I guess I should mention the Millipede (10,100) - With all that's going on with the other bugs it's often easy to forget about this guy(s). For the most part you want him to stay in one piece so you can clear him off in one quick burst of rapid fire. So pick off the stragglers whenever you get the chance because those are faster and will make their way down to you first. If these are not dealt with then you've got a serious problem because they are now on your personal space and making it hard for you to do all the things I mentioned above! After a few waves of bonus rounds and millipedes you'll notice that it comes fractured and these singles just come straight down. Try and get under and take out a few if possible, but basically treat them like the bees. Get them if you can, if you can't let them get to the bottom. But keep track of them because they will be going up the rows until the reach the edge of your space before coming back down.

Do not try and dance all over to take out a mess at the bottom. Instead look for a good solid cluster of mushrooms that you can use to keep your rapid fire going and let the millipedes run into it. Here is where things get a little tricky to explain and I wish I had some way to video capture so I could just show you guys what I mean, but if you don't follow this, it's okay these are more advanced moves. Just remember that since we are using a analog stick it's best if you don't let yourself get into bad positions like this because they are hard to get out of.

Normally I would suggest staying about 1/3 of the way from either side of the screen and clearing as you can (remember: spider/beetle!). If there is a chain of them, stand off center some so that you will create the mushroom in the spot next to you instead of directly above. It's very hard to hit the head and slip to the side a little to start the chain if it's one row above you so it's probably best to just let it come to the bottom. Or you can try and kill them from the tail to the head, but if it's more than 2 or 3 it's going to do you more harm than good.

When you have two or more running across the bottom the tail will return on the bottom row, so make sure that you plan for this. Don't sit on the bottom chasing the millipede thinking you're going to nail it as soon as it goes up because he's going to be on the bottom two rows. Look for it, expect it, and go up and over it using the 3rd row. At this point you can drop to the bottom, look for a rapid fire spot and lure them into it. Sometimes when there isn't one you will have to create one by attacking the millipede. If this is the case do it early, don't wait, because it's now on the way back up and when you mess up it's okay. Mess up when it's coming down and you are dead.

If you have gotten yourself into this mess and allowed them to the bottom not only do you have to deal with them but a single will feed from either side in the row just above your space. It is possible to kill everything in the middle but chances are you will have another coming out before you have killed that one and whatever was left so it's never ending. Again, another good reason to be on one side and not the middle. If it comes out of the side you are not on, let it come over and get it when it's on your side. Eventually it will come out of the same side as you and at that point the other should have made it's way to you. These guys are again why you need to keep both sides (and your entire space if possible) clear of mushrooms. You can't have these guys coming out and making their way immediately to the bottom. It must be clean and free of flowers!

Honestly there is more I could say, but without video it's just hard. Don't let yourself get in this state is the best thing I can tell you Oh, and practice!

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