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DLC Achievement Guide

Well since nobody has posted one of these and I've received a few questions about Captain on the Bridge, I thought I'd put up this guide. This is my first guide and any feedback or advice would be appreciated. I know it's only 2 achievements, but hey, this may have been the only game I finished early enough to be able to write a guide.

Dreadnought 15
Destroy all 5 ship classes plus 1 escape pod using the Missile Cruiser in Versus.

-- Simply start up a Versus Team Deathmatch game against the AI. Change the settings to max amount of time, max kills, max number of opponents and change the difficulty to Easy. Choose the Missile Cruiser and keep playing until you get it.

Captain on the Bridge 20
Earn the Captain rank in Survival Mode

-- This one was surprisingly tough. You need to earn at least 10,000,000 points to reach Captain rank and the points are not cumulative from game to game. I did it with the Bomber class because it is the fastest ship and has a powerful weapon. The Bomber is also the weakest class and can only take 2-3 hits once the enemies become red. Be patient and play conservatively. Stick to the edges of the maps because many enemies tend to gather in the middle. Use your crappy powerups immediately to try and get Invincibility, and save it until you're about to die. There is one level where a ton of space pirate ships come and drop huge amounts of point boxes; there are also Temporal Distortion powerups on this level you can use to gather a lot of point boxes. More importantly than trying to get kills and points, stay alive. Patience really is key.
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