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Originally Posted by t4nd4r View Post
A minor problem with the guide this time, the "Recover Airtank" part in the last Act should be switched with "Interact With Wallace". You cannot interact with Wallace until you have the tank.
You can interact with WALLACE before getting the AIRTANK, you just need to use the D-Pad instead of the Thumbstick to select him. However, WALLACE says "Heaven's Above!" whether you do this before or after getting the AIRTANK, so it's personal preference as to when you do it. I would say going for it before getting the tank as if you accidentally interact with the MOUSTACHE, when you've got the tank and close to WALLACE, it finishes the Episode and you would miss the 'Wallaceism' achievement.
Again, it's personal preference!

I'll update the guide with the D-Pad useage instructions for this bit!
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