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Ways to boost online

I'm currently boosting with Creech and it's going slowly, just throwing some ideas out for us to try to get better points.

I found these posts:

Another way to score big points is to build all Landing craft with rockets and set them up to fire on battleships being built by a friend. Once in position the one in control of the u.s forces can go and do something else. But the japs have to keep building BB. U should be able to get 200k in half an hour, then switch sides and let yr mate ave a go. I've reached chief warrant officer but cant be bothered any more.

On island capture map, such as swirl on medium have you and your friend disable the point limit and time limit. Next, spawn only destroyers or atlanta class ships (shimakzai and atlanta are the best way to do it)
Please note that each island has a very large circle arround it... This is the gun range of the headquarters. So now what do you do.
I'm using the japs as an example here. 1) send all your destroyers to surround your friends 2 islands. Keep all of them outside of the large circle that is there headquarters and manuever them to points where they can hit heavy AA guns etc but not the headquarters.
Once all 12 destroyers are setup arround the island and our constantly bombarding various AA installations, costal guns etc, take a look at your score.
I will leave it to you to 'tweak' this technique. I will say moving arround the ships and distributing the number of targets so each ship is only shooting at 1 target will increase your score.
Make sure all of your guns are firing on each of your destroyers or atlantas at there gun installations. It takes a while to perfect sailing to the very edge of the circle surround the HQ.
At one point we were making about 110,000 xp per 10 miuntes. You leave this on with you and your buddy overnight, your looking at 5 million in 10 hours without having to player.
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