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Originally Posted by final1980 View Post
Has anyone had the problem of 28 of the 30 logs. I know 30 is in the data hive but I loaded the map and went to every location shown and all the landmarks that contained the audio log were collected it said. So according to the map I have 29 of 30 but according to the game I only have 28 of 30. I am kinda stuck any advice would be much appreciated. Do I need to finish the game and then go back, I am in solo mode btw.
its just one that you missed

i print screened and put into paint erasing the icons when i got them.
the two places that i missed were one was a one door entrance room on the middle right and the other under a bridge kinda in the middle left
but you gotta know if you looked at all the places
if you go there im pretty sure it wont let you audio log twice.
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