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Its safe to say your going to need to be at least 100+ just to meet the lvl requirement to run the S2, considering alot of S2's require that already. If they are making it hard which it's hard to tell sometimes, unless you have a full party your probibly going to want to be at least lvl 150 with decent weapons.

ATM my main character is:

l_Will_l - Male Cast - lv160 - Gunmaster 20

I use Rattlesnac 10/10, Shigga Pakudac 10/10, Love inferno 8/8, Guld Milla 8/8

And I was having problems with the A rank difficulty in the last block of story mission 8, and no my armor isnt garbage, I just dont feel like writing it out lol. Anyways considering I've renewed for the month I might as well get some psu gaming in. Is there any high lvl chars on these forums. like lvls 140+? Reason why I ask is because I have no one online on my partner card anymore and want to do some runs to hit the lvl cap (170).
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