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This is a new feature on the forums. The staff are going around tidying the clutter and making sure x360a is the one stop shop for all your 360 needs.

The FAQ threads are where we need your help! What do you think are the most commonly asked questions about this game? Which threads keep popping up? What things do you wish you had been told when you first got this game?

Post in this thread and we'll edit the top post.

Thanks for your help.

  1. Kills in Annex do not count towards weapon-related achievements or Seriously.
  2. You can join someone in co-op who has Insane Mode unlocked and get all three levels of the story mode achievements, as well as the Dom achievements at the same time. You can also collect the COG tags this way.

Weapon Achievements
  1. Cluster Luck can be attained in both single or multiplayer gametypes.
  2. I Spy with My Little Eye (Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Longshot) "Sniper Kills" & The Money Shot (Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with a headshot) "Headshots" can be done at the same time using the Longshot, there is no need to down first to see the Longshot icon
  3. Capital Punishment (Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with an execution) "Executions" can be done easiest by downing the opponent (by shooting or melee) with any weapon and then pressing the B button to melee
  4. Pistolero (Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with a pistol) "Pistol kills" you will need to be away from your opponent for this to count as a "Pistol kill" or else it will be an Execution if you are too close
  5. Is It a Spider (Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with grenade tag) "F(r)ag tags" only count once for each time you tag an opponent, even if you get multiple kills with the same grenade
  6. Torque Bow/Hammer of Dawn/Boomshot kills count as multiple kills in ranked matches with the same arrow/burst/shell

  1. Hidden Fronts and Annex Achievements can be attained in any multiplayer type (Player, Ranked, Local, etc).

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