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Originally Posted by Achiever TM View Post
it seems sega want to force us to play for a very very long time to Lv up alot and only then we can earn the last long does it take to reach rank 130-150 solo or with a decent team?
Sega is not about the achievements for this game. They are about their 5 year plan they had for content and updates. As an avid fan of the PSU games I can say that most of the PS community feels the same way. If you played PSO at all you would get the same feel as you see here. You can fight the boss through the first 3 difficulties, and you will only see his first and second form. In order to see his 3rd final form you must be on the hardest difficulty and beaten form 1 and 2. I personally like the idea of this achievement because its for the more dedicated PSU players, which I am. But its not to say no one can earn it. Its an achievement that to be legitamately gained it must be earned and not have a simple boosting method around the time it takes to get it. Sure you can have a friend boost you if they are a much higher level. I'm currently power leveling a friend and it will take some time. Sega is not in it to make you pay longer for the achievement believe me. Maybe just for your money but Square and Blizzard do the same thing with their MMO's. There are people on the PC/PS2 that play it for the enjoyment, believe it or not.
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