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Dukefanejoey88 calls out me in a no powerup playthrough

Verbatim of the forum post under Aegis Wing.

This is all in good fun for me. I am not upset or bothered or out to prove a point other than make sure you know who you are calling before doing so or make sure you are absolutely positive with what you speak before accusing someone. Again, this is all in good fun. If anything I hope a few of you who happen to check out this link and videos will get some enjoyment out of it (links at bottom of page)

I was challenged and insulted by this no-name. Perhaps, he is known for aegis wing, but he is a nobody to me as I've never heard of him. He claims he is better than me in aegis wing, because he can go through the game without getting hit. He then proclaimed I could not do this.

After some "intense" conversations Joey then changed his stance that I could not beat a single level without powerups or the game (slightly true with this video).

After a few play-throughs I had a fairly good run where I was hit twice, but they were easily avoidable (IE., Not paying attention to crossing bullet and a finger slip). Here is some preface at this link to how it all came about:

I have uploaded a make-shift but aggressive run not only proving why I think he may be an inferior player to me. I am not saying I am the best. I simply do not like being called out and told what I can and cannot do. I am almost certain Joey will see thing's to a caliber of player like him that will seem unthinkable or unimaginable.

I did die in this run though, but it was due to the final boss laser glitch. Thus, I added 20k in quotes to my net score of just under 200k. I slowed down the video to show how bad it was. I also left a few thousand points by not picking up power-ups (50pts each) and leaving some enemy formations alone.

For the skeptics that may arise if you watched the entire video you'd agree i would have had no problem beating the game and if you have anything nasty to say leave it for a rainy day as I do not care either way.

I could make a more perfect video but i do not feel like having to worry about the laser glitch again.

Final thoughts:
  • This video is sped up by 25% to reduce the 35 minute runtime to 25.
  • I still have the original video.
  • Joey is all talk and has yet to show me or make a video of him beating the game with the easiest routes possible, but after my video I am sure I will be overwhelmingly unimpressed.
  • As i said in the YT thread, I am not impressed by someone beating this game not taking damage.
  • If you feel the same way I do show some love on my page and some hate towards him.
Please find the videos at this link:
Playlist -

Individual videos: 1-3.
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