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No, this is a very very very bad game. There is no debate even. Can anyone tell me how a person takes a .50 cal to the face and doesn't die, he just shrugs it off and keeps going? Or how a shotgun has close to the same range as a sniper? Or how I am aiming at a persons head but, it's almost like someone didn't test the gun before they gave it to the soldier because somehow the bullet rises after I shoot it? I rated this game a 50%. That is the worst rating I have given a game that I have played and I've played Viva Pinata. This game is not realistic, I know it's supposed to be based in the future but, it's a future where everything gets worse. The storyline is horrible and there is even a point in the story where a tactical group gets dropped on a squad and none of them die. It was a very poor game and whoever developed it and whoever tested should not make another game again.
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