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Originally Posted by squid5580 View Post
The Battle's Won 100
Finish the game on the RDA side

You will be forced to make a second choice between the 2 factions. Is it recommended you still choose RDA since it is unconfirmed whether this choice will effect the outcome.
I can confirm it, picking Na'vi as a second choice still gets you this achievement. This, however, feels quite stupid as game's not developed well enough to cover such choice. For example:

*Na'vi still attack you if you're in a vehicle.
*Mother Nature is still a b**ch and plants still bite you.
*Map shows ONLY Na'vi horses as transport... yeah, right, would be good to be able to ride them too. You can't ride them and looking for a proper human transport becomes a bit annoying.
*Beyd'amo (sp?) appears at the Well of Souls and calls you the First Voice. Too bad I killed him on the second map (and I enjoyed it~).

Other than that, it becomes easy to kill the commanders - their stun attacks don't affect you if you're not too close. However, because it becomes a bit hard to find proper transport (read above), be prepared for some running.
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