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Achievement Guide + Roadmap

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5
-Offline: 10(160)
-Online: 2(40)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 10h
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 2
-Glitched achievements: 1
-Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats discovered
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
-Unobtainable achievements: No
-Extra equipment needed: No

Welcome to the remake of Alien Breed in episode form. This game is a shooter played from an oldschool isometric perspective. Overall the game is not really difficult, but it has one achievement which is buggy at the moment. However Team17 is working on a patch to fix that.

Step#1: Elite/Rookie Playthrough
First thing you want to do is chosing whether to play relaxed on Rookie and hopefully getting "Ain't got time to bleed" for finishing the last mission without using a Health Kit in the end or fight your way through Elite and redoing the last mission for the mentioned achievement. Either way you will receive most of the singleplayer achievements, just be careful with collecting the Logs as you have to start over if you miss one.

Step#2: Co-op
Find yourself a good buddy with whom you already played coop in other games or look here to find someone. Take your time and decide who loots as you can't trade items. If you want to pratice your skill in working together either start co-op mission 1 or 3. Mission 1 is quite easy, but you could try to get "Hard to Kill" on mission 3 during your first try. Even if someone goes down, you know the level and do better next time.

Step#3: Mop up
At this point you either have to replay singleplayer on Elite or try to get "Ain't got time to bleed" in Freeplay. If you missed logs, you have to replay the campaign as you can't collect them in freeplay, however you don't have to collect all of them again. You need only the ones you missed before. Secrets however are collectable in Freeplay.

If you have some skill in shooters this will be quite an easy 200 to achieve. The only downside here is the glitched achievement, which needs a workaround until it has been patched. If you have trouble unlocking achievements please check the guide.

Born to Kill - 10
Kill a total of 25 aliens in single player

As you will encounter ~1400 aliens in the whole game, you don't have to worry about getting this one.

Elite Force - 10
Kill 50 aliens in a row without taking damage in single player

If you have trouble on Elite, just play Rookie and use your Assault Rifle. Everything you encounter dies after a short burst and you should get this easily during Mission 1.

Fighting Light - 20
Complete any single player level without using any items

I suggest you do this in mission 1 as it is by far the easiest mission with the least amount of aliens(~100). Don't use any health pack, grenades or sentry guns you find.

Killing Spree - 10
Kill 20 aliens within 30 seconds in single player

First chance to get this is in the first room of mission 2. A horde of small aliens assaults you, just kill them quickly. If you don't get it this time, don't worry. You will face large assaults in mission 4 and 5 several times.

Break Out the Arsenal - 10
Fire every weapon and use every item in single player

Just fire a shot with every weapon and use every item. It does not matter if you hit anything.

The weapons are:
- Blaster
- Assault Rifle
- Shot cannon
- Flamethrower
- Laser Rifle
- Ion Spike

- Small Health Kit
- Large Health Kit
- Sentry Gun
- Stun Grenade
- Frag Grenade

Knowledge is Power - 20
Collect all the logs throughout the game

There are 12 Logs in total, but if you check the logs you will see that you already had 2 from the start. So there are only 10 to collect. Note that if you miss one, you can't pick them up in Freeplay as they don't appear in this mode. However if you pick up the last one you missed in a new campaign, the achievement will unlock right away.

Mission 1
- Log 1: Just before you deactivate the Capacitor, you find this on the left side of the corridor.
- Log 2: After you survived the lockdown in the Generator room, advance toward the next Navpoint. You will run into a damaged door. Go left and you will find it in the small room next to some grenades and ammo.
- Log 3: Once you retrieved the clearance codes and opened the door to the next section, it is right in front of you.

Mission 2
- Log 4: You have to clear a room before the physician can advance. After you killed all aliens walk to the door leading towards the next room you have to clear. Go left into another room and you will find on the floor.
- Log 5: You have to clear a room with a pool of coolant in the middle. The log is in the upper left corner if you have to door you entered from in your back.
- Log 6: After clearing the 3rd room, you enter a large room with Sentry Guns. Follow the Physician and you will find a log where he stops.
- Log 7: Go back into the Sentry Gun room and face the door to the Save room. Go to the right into the room next to it to collect the next log.
- Log 8: After rescuing the Crew Members from suffocating cause of Halon, you have to acquire explosives. To get there you enter a room through a window. Walk a bit forward and to the right and you find it there. After you collect the log continue through the next windows to reach the room with the explosives.

Mission 3
No log to collect

Mission 4
- Log 9: From the elevator go straight until you reach a T-intersection, there go into the room to right and you find it next to a corpse.

Mission 5
- Log 10: On your way to the 2nd Turbine, you enter a dark room which gets locked while you are ambushed. You have to open the doors by using a control panel. Just before this Panel is the last log located.

No Stone Unturned - 10
Find all secret collectibles

There is one secret per level and this video conviently shows all of them. If you miss one you can collect the ones you missed in Freeplay.

Campaign Veteran - 25
Complete all single player levels 1-5

See "Against the Odds" for more information.
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Originally Posted by Asturgis
And always listen to Cra, his guides are absolutely badass
Guides: Ninja Blade, The Saboteur, Bayonetta, Alien Breed Ep1, AvP, Supreme Commander 2,N3 2, Legends of Troy, Half-Minute Hero:SMNC, Gatling Gears(most likely)

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