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---ASH WORM---
Location: Ashlands

Ride around the arena until the worm surfaces and begins chasing you. When it opens its mouth to attack open fire with your pistol and be ready to use Ruins charge ability.

Once the worm gets close enough it will charge which dismounts you, use the charge ability to avoid this attack.

Keep riding around shooting its mouth until it collapses and you can kill it.

Location: Ashlands
Like the smaller worm this bosses weakness is its mouth, however, it has a metal mask on at the start which prevents you from shooting it.

Ride around in circles until you can get alongside the worm then dash up to beside its head and slash the mask with your sword. Once the mask falls off ride away.

The boss will summon baby worms to attack you. Ride away from these and shoot them to destroy them all.

Also be careful if the sand infront of you stirs as the Stygian flies out and knocks you off your horse unless you turn away. Note: hitting LB + RB again while in the air will summon ruin below you so you land on his back.

When you get the opportunity ride away from the Stygian shooting it in the mouth until it goes down.

Loction: Slitha's Loom
Strategy: Key to winning this battle is to have the Abyssal Chain equipped. Just as the Brood Mother is about to start sucking in the air to try and pull you in free aim and grab one of the corpses that is hanging off the ceiling and then throw it in to the Brood Mothers mouth.

Once the Mother starts chomping down on the meal have the Tremor Gauntlet equipped and double jump in the air next to the Brood Mothers back and punch it a few times.

If you hit it once the Blue Crystal should break off her back meaning that the next time you throw a corpse into her mouth walk to the back of her and start ripping into her with your sword.

Be carfeul though as after each time you throw a corpse into her mouth she jumps up in the air only to land on the ground causing it to tremor making you lose health. At these instances you see her crouch a bit to give her a boost in her jump.

nce she is in the air double jump around the room and make sure to also use ShadowFlight to stay in the air longer. Continue this method until she is wounded and you can press B to finish her off.


Loction: Slitha's Loom
Slitha unlike the other Chosen does not have a specific weakness, instead you can hit her pretty much anywhere to cause damage. The problem in this fight is her speed, despite being huge getting close enough to this boss to hit her is a struggle.

The newly found abyssal chain is your friend here. When Slitha teleports to the far end of the room and taunts you run halfway towards her and grapple her as soon as you can, this will pull you into her too fast for her to teleport away. Pound away with an air combo then dash away. I found the tactic that worked best for me was RB dashing towards her and grappling straight afterwards.

When Slitha teleports above your head get out of the way quickly as she is about to ground pound you. The only exception is when your chaos meter is full, if you transform into chaos form her pound wont hurt you and you can lay down some serious damage on her while she recovers.

After enough damage she will teleport to the ceiling, this is your cue to grapple up to her and finish her off.

Loction: Black Throne
These giant golemns are totally invulnerable except for a weak spot on their top. You fight three total in this dungeon but they are all very similar so i'm only doing one set of instructions.

Use the Void Walker to create two full power portals (hold RT down to charge it up). Now lure the boss over to near the portals and pop into the lower one gliding out of the high one onto the bosses head.

It might help to make the boss swing its arm down at you and dodge first as it stalls in place for about 15 seconds after doing this making it easier to land on.

After scoring a hit on the weak spot get out the way as it will spin around causing massive damage on the higher difficulty settings.

Repeat x 3 to kill it.

Loction: Black Throne
Time for a bit of payback on the boss who defeats you in the first level.

Again Straga is out of your reach and to make things worse there are no handy cars and he has a very big hammer to whack you with.

The Void Walker is the key to this battle. On his hammer you will see a portal as well as two on the floor, make a portal on the hammer and one on the floor by you and wait until he lifts his hammer overhis head and pop through to land on his back. Here you will find a weakness, hit it and then wail on his face.

After he recovers he will summon enemies, in preparation for the next bit make two portals on the ground at either end of the floor space.

If straga raises his hand dodge to the side to avoid the attack while you finish off the enemies he summoned. He will then attack by placing his hammer on the ground and dragging it from one end of the room to the other, the only way to avoid getting hit is to use the portals so you are mid portal when it passes you.

Repeat the hammer portal phase until you kill him.

Loction: Eden
Use standard counter attack techniques against shadow war until he transforms into Chaos form. Do the same thing and beat three shades of snot out of him.

Loction: Dry Road
The second fight with Uriel is much tougher. She has a lot of HP and several new attacks in her arsenal.

As before attack when she has just missed a big attack and is temporaily stunned. Keep your distance when she is surrounded by electricity and watch out for her sword flashing as it is a warning that an attack is coming.

Loction: N/a
Well this is it, the final encounter. This fight has two phases.

The first phase is you vs the boss in beast form. He is fast and deadly so don't try to fight him on foot. Also remember your sword is the only thing that can hurt him so forget trying any other weapons / items.

The key to this fight is to ride around until you are heading straight at the boss in a joust type situation. When you get close enough swing your sword to take out his front legs and send him crashing into a heap. If you leave it too late the boss will hit you.

Once he is down get in there and introduce his face to your blade. When he gets up and takes off mount up and move fast as he throws fireballs at you. Once he lands again repeat the joust technique until he goes down.

Phase II is vs his humanoid form. The Destroyer is a mean opponent and does a lot of damage if he hits you so don't take any chances.

As with all the other humanoid enemies dodge and counter attack as much as you can. After a while you will get into quicktime moments where you need to tap X to battle with the boss. Win these sequences to inflict high damage.

After the 2nd or 3rd QT sequence you should beat the Destroyer and can settle back for the ending. Enjoy!

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