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Loction: Slitha's Loom
Strategy: Key to winning this battle is to have the Abyssal Chain equipped. Just as the Brood Mother is about to start sucking in the air to try and pull you in free aim and grab one of the corpses that is hanging off the ceiling and then throw it in to the Brood Mothers mouth.

Once the Mother starts chomping down on the meal have the Tremor Gauntlet equipped and double jump in the air next to the Brood Mothers back and punch it a few times.

If you hit it once the Blue Crystal should break off her back meaning that the next time you throw a corpse into her mouth walk to the back of her and start ripping into her with your sword.

Be carfeul though as after each time you throw a corpse into her mouth she jumps up in the air only to land on the ground causing it to tremor making you lose health. At these instances you see her crouch a bit to give her a boost in her jump.

nce she is in the air double jump around the room and make sure to also use ShadowFlight to stay in the air longer. Continue this method until she is wounded and you can press B to finish her off.


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