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My first post so I want to say hello to all of you. I had to registered because rokkyrok, you have made big mistake. You have wrote:

Originally Posted by rokkyrok View Post

Step 1: Play on Apocalyptic difficulty setting. It's not really hard, just learn to dodge and try to get the 10 Abyssal Armor pieces as soon as you can after you get the Abyssal Chain.
Yeah! Pretty easy is walk trought Apocalyptic difficulty with Abbyssal Armor for the first time but is not possible. Why? You have to collect all of 10 pieces of armor but one of piece is in Eden and what do you think? Eden is one step close to END of game. My question, do you want to collect all 10 pieces of armor earlier? It's not possible!

You have to defeat all main bosses, then path to Eden is open for you. Even if you have collected 9 pieces, one piece is in Eden and waits for you. There is no way to get Abyssal Armor very fast!

Abyssal Armor you can collect step by step with progress in the game. There is no other way to get this armor than end of game - for the first play of course

Best regards, D4Ru73K

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