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Great guide. And my advice and compliments.

This guide was fantastic.

---When making the foam tower up to the missile expansion, there is a fan above it, so that's why it's hard to climb up. Once up there, make yourself little foam ledges left and right so you can grab them and climb up.
Also, try squatting and shooting foam downward at the same time.

---If you're going for 100%, do not goof off and get this missile expansion ahead of time. If you do, you won't be able to pick the initial missile expansion, thus you'll be one missile short for the 100%.

---This guide unlocks "The Insurgent" Master Challenge, and it also unlocks the following achievement...

Minimalist 10
Complete the game with less than 13% of items

---I was able to complete it in 56mins and then 41mins on my second try. 41 mins ranked me at about 800.

---Also, you can access the tower above the orange section from either side.

Thanks to whoever made this guide and to whoever posted it. Great job guys.

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