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People that bitch too much

Originally Posted by FOX-Inc. View Post
I think it's repetitive crap, especially compared to Shadow Complex! There's absolutely no depth in the gameplay, other then shooting waves and waves of poorly animated enemies. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone... heck, I wouldn't even buy it myself for 400 MS Points, let alone for this overpriced amount.
It's not Shadow Complex. It's Matt Hazard, and my main question is why are you looking on the Matt Hazard forums if you think it's crap? I have Shadow Complex, I love it. And yet you don't see me comparing them because they're two totally different games. One's an adventure, and the other is a shoot 'em up. Also, I disagree wholeheartedly that it's overpriced. I spent 20 minutes on the first level ALONE this morning, the game has unlimited re playability, and while Shadow Complex has YET to make me want to come back. Once again, because it's an adventure game. Once you do it, the fun and excitement is practically gone.

And as someone said above, to each their own. But, after playing hundreds of games, including side scrollers throughout my years of gaming, this is as close to a new age Contra that we've gotten so far. With great graphics, hardcore difficulty, or easy (for probably the person who I'm quoting may need to play on) and really fun gun play, I think it's well worth the $15 I spent. As I believe everyone else who bought it may well agree.
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