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Originally Posted by SnWoReLtIhFlOdA View Post
Im setting up a list for the achievement Metal Militia (100% a song (4 player Band).

Vocals: SnWoReLtIhFlOdA
Bass: storm20360

Copy and paste this and then put your GT on the instrument that you want to play! If you know that you can't FC (get 100 %) on a song then don't put your name on the list!

Peace and Tnx!
I can 100% a couple of songs but can't for the life of me remember which, I'll check my career later, I've got the ability to 100% loads of songs it's just my problem is I just cock easy stuff up for no reason I'm sure I could 100% something on bass though, I have the achievement.

EDIT: Sorry I just read the achievement, I was referring to expert skill, I cock up on expert FCing, I'll be fine on any other difficulty.

EDIT AGAIN: I'm in the UK btw.

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