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Where are #s 55, 73, 84 & 92? Where is kitten #96?

On the map,
Where are the following numbers?

#55 This one is under the blue dot next to #54. Look west, down the street next to some yellow newspaper dispensers still in sight of the Bizzarro statue.

#73 There's a kitten under the #1 green dot, so that's 73.

#84 This is under the #6 Green dot. It's located behind the buildings on the ground.

#92 Partially hidden under the #5 Green dot.

In the game,
Where is kitten #96?

[According to Owen H Brown ---"96 is WRONG, the kitten is further up the road behind three yellow newspaper dispensers."]
I can confirm, #96 is one block NE of the location on the map. It's on the ground behind the newpaper dispensers.

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