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First of all, I'd like to thank Callum and everyone else who has made this thread a great source of info on the ESL2. I've used it extensively for preparing my run.

My story: decided to go for ESL2, Bass, Hard. NOT going for BoS, I don't need the hassle and I'm old, I need arm breaks after 20 or so songs =)

Anyway, I've 4* mostly everything, a few 3*, more than a few 5*. I'm at 82/84, and we all know what that means. I simply cannot pass Visions. Now, I know there's been a million topics on Visions, so I don't want to be "that guy" in my very first post, other than to say neither myself, a decent "hard" player, nor my friend, a very, very good "hard" player can get past 15%. I didn't practice it before I started, which I obviously should have. I haven't failed anything up to this point, not even close, save for a hairy spot in Battery.

In any case, while I search my friends list for someone who can come over and give me a hand, a thought occured to me. And it's a question that I haven't seen answered in this thread, but I apologise if I missed it. Can I ADD a band member at this point? More to the point, can I CHANGE my instrument? I see that I'm given the option of "Changing Band Members", which when selected tells me: "Abandon Gig? You will lose 3,000 fans". I'm afraid to choose yes, because I don't know if it's going to abandon that particular song or the whole ESL2. If I select yes, I assume it will take me back to the character select screen, wherein I can then add a band member, or sign out of my guitar controller/XBL, plug in a mic, sign in on the Xbox controller, and be a vocalist. Will I go back to Visions then or back to the beginning of the ESL2? If so, I imagine I'd get the gold medal as a vocalist, assuming I stay on vocals through Painkiller? Can I switch back to bass after Visions to get the gold for stringed instruments?

This is also pertinent in another way: perhaps I could add a friend as a vocalist (easy-peasy on hard) and another friend on drums (he's a kick-ass drummer on hard) and have them drag me through the song on bass kicking and screaming with Overdrive saves.

Anyways, TL;DR version: can I change band members in the middle of the ESL2 without having to restart, and if so how does that interact with the medals I would be awarded?
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