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Tea, Everyone?
Offer a cuppa to all your guests

When Chapter 2 starts head upstiars and use the kitchen door, you will get the tea from Gromit. Now it is your job to offer it to every guest in the house.

Edwina Gabberley - In the Dining Room next to the front door. In order to offer her the tea you must first cheer her up. You need to listen to the last thing she says and then "concider" something in the room, it is a little tricky but refer to THIS thread if you need any help. Once she has been cheered up you can then offer her the tea.
Constable Dibbins - He is in the Living Room (the door right of the front door). Simply walk in and offer him some tea.
Major Crum - Once you have offered some to Edwina and Dibbinshead back the cellar, walk up to the Major and offer him some tea.
Felicity Flitt - After finishing with Major Crum walk all the way over to the right and talk to Felicity. Once you are done with the conversation go ahead and offer her some tea.
Mr. Paneer - Simply enter the cellar and offer him some tea.

When asked Whodunnit for the first time, accuse the innocent

After you uncover Duncan in the Cellar, go ahead and accuse everyone in any order but Poddgie-Woo or Tinkie-Wee. Once you have accused everyone go ahead and accuse either Poddgie-Woo or Tinkie-Wee.

Doggie Fashionista
Try every accessory once.

Once you are done accusing everyone in the dining room. Go ahead and exit and enter the living room. Felicity Flitt will be looking inside of a dress up kit go ahead and inspect the kit. Go ahead and use the Bow tie, Top Hat, and Heart Glasses. When the duo come down go ahead and do what you must to get the motive and weapon before you continue. Once you have the Motive and Weapon, go get the Police Sketch and the small Sailor hat from the Kitchen (After you tell Constable Dibbins to question Major Crum), and head back to the living room and inspect the dress up kit, and select the Spiked Collar, Fez, and Prince-Nez Glasses. Then either walk out the room and back in or just wait a few seconds and the duo will leave. Go ahead and inspect the kit once again, but this time select the Diamond Collar, tiara, and the movie star glasses. once again either leave and come back or just wait. Time for the last selection, once again inspect the kit and select bandanna, sailor hat (after using the one in your inventory on the slot), and trendy sunglasses (after using the fashion magazine on Felicity).

Try to cook some sugar in Chapter 3.

Head to the Living Room and activate the Candyfloss machine to receive some which will be placed into your inventory. Go back to the dining room and talk to Constable Dibbins and select Major Crum, he will then head into the kitchen. Walk up to the stove and use the Candyfloss on it.

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