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What Mad World said, but to elaborate.

Assuming you haven't quit out of frustration yet, you have 2 options. 1) Quit and play through on Medium or change instruments. 2) keep trying Visions over and over, pausing when you get tired/frustrated until you get it.

If you think it will take more than 6 hours to pass Visions you are better off quitting and trying again.

Some folks say the Guitar part for Visions is actually easier than Bass, but unfortunately the other songs are not that way.

As an older player myself, I don't recommend doing ES2 on Drums. I did it and got BoS at the same time, so when I don't recommend it, it's from my experiences not guesswork. If you don't have the endurance built up, it can be brutal on the joints.

IMHO, it is easier to do ES2 on vocals, but 6 hours on vocals is murder on the voice if you aren't a singer with some training on how to do it without straining it. If you can sing an hour or two and pause for a bit then come back later to do a bit more, repeating as necessary, you can get it done fairly easily.

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