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100% Accurate PROVEN Who want's my autograph. also multi/single problem solution

I posted a solution to this problem on gamefaqs several months ago yet I keep seeing posts here complaining it's not working, so I'll post it here for the lazy!

Follow these steps and like me you can get this achievement 100%
This does not require you complete all chapters in one play as previously described. How do I know? Because I have it from doing this method. The game must be completed in order from level 1-15 obtaining an A rank so while you are attempting this you must not do anything else, don't repeat a level don't do any multi-player nothing but this.

1. To attempt this you must delete your save data. The book must state 0/22
2. To get an A+ you must have less than 3 deaths to get an A you must have 10 or less deaths. This applies for ALL LEVELS!
3. Count your deaths and I mean count them, if you are not going to complete the level in 10 or less deaths return to taleville and redo the level. ALSO NOTE: If you do not receive a rank and you have counted your deaths less than 10 no problem you will still unlock this!
4. Complete all levels in order without doing anything else. ALSO NOTE: If your game crashes simply repeat the level after rebooting after firstly making sure you are starting at the correct level according to the book.
5. Congratulations this achievement is now yours.

I discovered this when doing level 9 the boss bugged on me so i repeated it from this stage onward and I achieved the achievement, this was done over 2 separate plays with powering down the system in between.

If you are having problems after completing single player or multi-player runs and the game won't give you the other this seems to be related the games ability to not overwrite the data and only storing the first entry as such you need to delete your save data if you have previously done that level in another mode. This means doing mixed online and single mode will prevent you from obtaining either of those.
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